Concrete barchair sole- Round type- with holes

Concrete sole of bar chairs, to be used for slab on soil/aggregate sub-base. Round shape, with holes

Concrete barchair sole- Round type- with holes

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Barchair sole is a specialized product that supports the steel barchairs of the ground slab so that they do not settle when installed directly on the soil/aggregate sub base (no bedding concrete).

The barchair sole has its diameter of 120mm, suitable for supporting standard steel chairs with height of 5-25cm. The sole is made of high-strength concrete with a minimum thickness of 10mm, capable of bearing the impact from the steel barchair above without breaking.

The sole has stop rib around the perimeter to keep the steel barchair from accidentally slipping out.

Round holes are designed to place the barchair legs to increase the stability and strength of the steel barchairs. Steel barchairs can still be placed on the surface of the disc, allowing them to adjust their pitch (5mm) as needed.

The sole can concurrently be used to support the bottom reinforcement layer. This usage prevents the spacers from sinking into sub-base during application.

This product, combined with barchair of all kinds, is a preeminent alternative to steel base discs or plastic conical chairs commonly directly placed on soil/aggregate sub-bases.


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