Single Concrete spacer- Round type

Single concrete spacer-Round type fix one concrete cover thickness.

Single Concrete spacer- Round type

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Single Concrete spacer-Round type, manufactured in factory, compression strength 40-60 Mpa. Concrete spacer are 2-8cm thick, depend on their duty. Concrete spacer can include tied wire, if required.
Single Concrete spacer-Round type has large base consequently suitable for unsolid base underneath such as soil,  crushed stone… Due to their fixed heights so the installation will be easier with no mistake.

Product code Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
R20 34 20
R25 34 25
R30 34 30
R35 34 35
R40 34 40
R45 34 45
R50 50 50
R55 50 55
R60 50 60
R65 50 65
R70 50 70
R75 50 75

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