Classification of concrete spacer based on their characteristics

Post date: 09-02-2017

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The concrete spacers can be classified based on the features below:

1/ Number of different cover thickness that a spacer can form. There are two kinds: single and multi dimensions spacer. The multi dimension spacers are designed to form at least 2 different cover thicknesses. 

There are three ways to form many different cover thicknesses on a piece of spacer

- Form the slot on the top surface.

- Form the different dimension on each side of spacer.

- Combine two method mentioned-above.

Spacers with only one cover thickness


Spacers with multi cover thickness

2/ The structure to use: Almost concrete spacers can be use for all various kind of structures. However, some type of spacer are specially designed with specific structures

- Circular spacer: used to round pile, columns.

- L- shaped spacer: used at the corners of beam or column.    

- Bar spacer: used for the bottom mesh of slab.

Special spacers for structures


3/ Bearing capacity: The heavy-duty spacers are usually placed for floor/ground slabs. In these cases, the spacers have the sufficient bearing capacities to receive the above forces through steel meshes but still unbreakable, and at the same time the forces will be distributed to the subgrade but still not sunk.

4/ Compressive strength: The concrete spacers need to have the compressive strengths equal or greater than those of structure to ensure the unimity of material and the proper working of structure.

5/ Binder to steel rebar: the spacer can be designed with and without binder to rebar. The binder can be tied wire or plastic/steel hooks, which are cast-in during production.

Spacers with binders


6/ Direction to connect to rebar: In general the spacers will be attached from side of steel rebar. Some kind of spacers are attached by inserting into rebars.

Spacers connect with rebars at their centers


7/ Shape: Spacers can be shaped of cube/rectangular blocks, cylinder, blunted cone, trapeziform, 4 pointed star.

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